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TIME TO FIGHT THE REAL FIGHT AND THE NOT EACH OTHER -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “THE FLAT EARTH PROOF | The U S Air Force’s X 37B space plane launches A Fake Space Mission!!!!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTl8a… this is a crazy world we live in what is the truth and what is a lie we as a people should always ask questions. im just doing my part and trying to wake people up and i think one day we all will see the light. Project Frequency Is In Full Affect We Bout To Take Back The Minds And Souls Of The People I Told Yall We Was Not Playing We Will Drop The Truth And Nothing But So People Get Ready Its Bout To Get Real Out Here…..


  1. Man real talk can u speak the truth I’m new at this flat earth until I started waking up and looking in different areas of NASA and there lies

  2. Have flown all over the world and I never could understand why the flight from LA to Fiji headed northwest out of LA. Woke up 2-3 hours in and saw huge land mass, WTF? We should be out over the pacific, that shit ain’t Hawaii! Too many snow caps. Just got into this for about a year but that was something I will NEVER forget, those mountains. Knew something was off since then couldn’t place it. Thanks to the podcast I luckily caught tonight have decided to start sharing. Can’t seem to talk about it around here, live too close to D.C, lol. Seriously though people here don’t want to discuss or even think for themselves.

    • Never saw a curve by the way, even flew a plane for about 10 minutes once and never saw a curve like we should, or a horizon that drops below us as it would on a ball.

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