History: America’s Eugenics & Sterilization Programs

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This short film is part 5 in a series encompassing a brief history of the global elite, including monopolization of the financial sector, British Empire/Federal Reserve System/Tax Exempt Foundations’ infiltration of American Ivy League Universities, promotion of Eugenics and Social Darwinism, promotion of racial purity, promotion of the Theory of Evolution, promotion of Charles Darwin, Thomas Henry Huxley, Thomas Malthus, promotion of the idea of The Malthusian Catastrophe model of human population, the idea that the Earth is overpopulated and the population is growing at an “unsustainable” rate, the world elite’s and the royal families’ view of human population growth, Thomas Malthus’ “An Essay on the Principle of Population” 1798, the Industrial Revolution, The Electronic Revolution, The Robotic Revolution, human labor is unnecessary to the elites, American Eugenics Policies in the United States, The Eugenics Record Office 1910, Social Darwinism, Sterilization Policies/Programs of the USA, “Tomorrow’s Children” Pro-Eugenics Film 1934, survival of the fittest, might makes right, Eugenical Sterilization Legislation, World War 2, The Holocaust, Adolf Hitler, Concentration Camps.



    • I Think they should depopulate the ones who allow for the earth too be raped of its blood and Resources when they know we could use Free Energy Only don`t because of the loss of profits. I think that like some of these people filmed in this video in the start of this evil Agenda they are now dead ” souls aswell ” & The ones still envolved will one day meet their maker & will meet the same as their buddies. Its pure Evil THEY AREN`T` GOD And No man / woman as the rights too take anothers life. 

    • dThe Elite do not want any of us here they have all but accomplished their agenda there is just a few loose ends for them to tie up. The underground cities are complete and we are but worker slaves they have pillaged all the money and now they are coming for yours and mine like in Greece. There will be a major event to usher in the martial law and imprisonment of us all. They are poisoning everything and killing the planet so they can replace it with fake trees and animals and robots it is their utopia a world where they can walk into central park and no one be around except the fake crap they are creating in the underground cities. The Rockefeller Institution has cures for all the cancer they create they have the patent on the Zika virus etc etc. These people are not human they are demonic driven we as the human race are about to be extinct and it will only be God that will finally stop this but not until this has played out to a horrible world for us until then. I loathe them and wish them into nothingness they have been plotting our demise for years, ever notice how Soros and the like never die hum because they have all the stuff for longevity. We can only do what we can do to sustain as poison free of a life as possible but they are removing and tainting all the natural substances so basically we are just going to succumb to it all. I will when I die will do so with a smile on my face knowing I will be at last free of this hell on earth they with the help of their master Satan have created. This beautiful planet with all it’s beauty and wonder by itself is or would be Heaven on Earth but because Satan was cast down here we have never been able to fully enjoy this planet as God had intended. Why could not the father have just destroyed him instead of putting him here to rule I am so upset about that and the big question WHY?

  1. None of these people would care about this if the “elite” weren’t beginning to do this to ALL of us. Western and Third world are now under fire. While countries in Africa, Latin America, and around the world were being colonized and terrorized and their rulers disposed and replaced with dictators who served Western interests no one said anything. They were just practicing. All those who believed it was about race are getting a wake up call and now want to expose the evil too late. SMH.

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