This Is How to Awaken People to Flat Earth

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The pictures contained in this video are a collection from a collaborated group of anonymous hackers and personal researchers, I therefore cannot confirm the legitimacy of ALL of the pictures within… however, MANY of the pictures are legitimate photo’s of actual D.U.M.B’s and the diggers used to make them. The objective of this video is to bring this subject into the open and to show that the technology exists as do the facilities… and we’re the ones paying for it! IMPORTANT ! PLEASE READ ! In order to protect these facilities from a civilian takeover the government and military have been going to extreme lengths to arm not only themselves but also the MANY foreign troops they have already stationed here.

This is to combat US !!! They are expecting us to rebel, an engineered civil war, and they have been very busy preparing for it! Guess where your confiscated/turned in weapons really go… from January 1 to December 31, 2006, the following Quartermaster items were delivered and accepted. Anti-Riot Shield 618,000 Anti-Riot Helmet 760,500 Hand and Body Protector 440,000 Truncheon 181,500 Anti-Riot Shield 780,000 Anti-Riot Helmet 900,000 Body Protector 600,000 Truncheon 30,000 Binoculars 562,280 Global Positioning 768,000 ORDNANCE ITEM (FIREPOWER) Pistol 9MM PT92 Taurus 85,958 Glock 17 Pistol 9MM 261,960 Ctg. 40MM HE HV Linked 250,000 Page 2 Pistol 9MM PT92 97,000 AP 9 Cal 9MM Pistol 10,962 Pistol Cal .45 Beretta,Cougar 962,499 Grenade Launcher 40MM 384,000 Assault Riffle 5.56MM 690,000 Blasting Cap and Detonating Cord 2. 399,397 were issued MAJOR EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTED TO UNITS EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE ITEMS 31,194 Rifle Grenade, 564 ea hand Grenade Fragmentary, 537 ea C4, 324 ea C4 ½ lb, 423 ea TNT 1 lb., 270 ea TNT ½ lb. 1,121 TNT ¼ lb./ 828 ea Non Electronic Blasting cap and 920 ea Detonating Cord were issued as shown below:

Unit Rifle Grenade Fragment hand Grenade C4 ½ lb TNT 1 lb TNT ½ lb TNT ¼ lb Blasting Cap Non Elect Detonating cord FIREPOWER In line with the distribution of fire power, a total of 577 ea 9mm Pistol Glock 17, 722 ea 9MM Pistol Glock 19, 1,776 ea 9MM Pistol Taurus, 842 ea 9MM Pistol Beretta, 655 ea Cal 38 Revolver, 873 ea shotgun 12 Ga, 981 ea Pistol Cal. 45, 927 ea Cal 30 Garand, 810 ea Cal 7.62 M14 Rifle, 625 ea Cal 5.56 M16 Rifle (Infant), 1,586 ea Cal 5.56 M16 Rifle (Ref), 870 ea Cal 5.56 M16 Rifle (Old barrel) and 950 ea Cal 5.56 M16 Rifle (Upper and Lower Receiver) Firearms: Units PISTOL 9MM (GLOCK 17)PISTOL 9MM (GLOCK 19)PISTOL 9MM (TAURUS)PISTOL 9MM (BERETTA)Shotgun 12 Ga Pistol Cal .38 S&W Pistol Cal 45 Long Firearms: Units 30 Garand Cal 7.62 M14 Rifle Cal 5.56 M16 rifle (Infant) Cal 5.56 M16 Rifle (Ref) Cal 5.56 M16 Rifle ( Barrelt)Cal. 5.56 M16 Rifle (Upper and Lower receiver)Cal. 5.56 M16 Rifle (Barrel Old) INVESTIGATION/SIGNAL EQUIPMENT In regards with the distribution of investigation equipment, 22,427 ea handcuffs, 850 ea Measuring tape, 4,822 ea Flashlight, 387 ea Collapsible Tent, 630 ea Concertina Wire, 904 ea Extendable Baton, 911 ea Police Security Line, and 26,910 ea Brown Fatigue were distributed as shown below:

Units Hand-cuffs Meas. Tape Flash-Light Collapsible Tent Concertina wire Police Security Line Brown Fatigue REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE In line with the repair program of the Service, firearms technicians of this Division repaired 1,270 units unserviceable Cal 38 S&W Revolver, 870 units 7.62 M14 Rifles, 830 units Shotgun 12 Ga and 462 pcs Cal 30 Garand and put back to supply line for distribution. Transporting 964,460 personnel and civilians and 14,418.5 tons of assorted cargo to different Regional Police Offices and other field units STATISTICS ON GENERAL DISPATCH TOTAL No. of Dispatches 984,338 No. of Persons Transported 864,460 Vol. of Cargo (in tons) Transported 14,418.5 Firepower Division/Office 12 Gauge Shotgun Total TMD 2 2 SSDD 3 3 EOD – – SSS TOTAL 5 5 c. Equipment EODD 2 X-ray machine 3 EOD Bomb Suit d.Communication Equipment Serviceable Total Handheld 10 10 III. Repair of turned-in unserviceable firearms. 2. Repair of assorted brand Updating of permanent issuance of Short Firearms pursuant to SOP-2005-2 dated June 3, 2005.

Status of Permanent Issuance of Short Firearms STANDARD SHORT FIREARMS NON STANDARD TOTAL PISTOL CAL 9MM PISTOL CAL 45 REVOLVER CAL .38 ASSORTED SHORT 4,8504,081 STANDARD SHORT FIREARMS NON STANDARD TOTAL PISTOL CAL 9MM PISTOL CAL 45 REVOLVER CAL 918,938 ASSORTED – They may have us out gunned, but we have them out numbered and as they drop, these weapons will fall into the hands of ‘we the people’ and we will use their own weapons to ultimately defeat them. Many civilians will perish in the beginning, this is unavoidable… but that’s the imminent price we will have to pay in order to prevail. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

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