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Here is the horrible story of a couple who worked for a corrupt foster parents agency called  Family Compass.  It’s a totally bizarre and incompetent agency that files false reports against its own foster parents.

Read the story:

All issues have been adjudicated in my favor, but had I known about this agency beforehand I would have never been a foster parent for them. Please read the exact letter that was sent against them to the Department of Child Services them so that you will know that if I was lying about anything, they would have a basis for a lawsuit. Obviously, truth is a defense against slander and liable, so have no fear of any lawsuit. Please take the time to read this before you work for them and call me at 219-433-1712 so I can fill you in on the rest of the story.

I am asking that the DCS ALJ consider this as a complaint to their office and open a file to be consummated later by an official request by me, Joseph Zrnchik, a foster parent licensed through The Family Compass.

(Please see attachment below for a MSWord formatted version of this email.)
(Below is the letter by Family Compass and below that is my response to their nonsense.


Dear Joseph & Paula,

This is to remind you that, during our meeting on 01/11/17, the following licensing concerns were addressed:

• Whether you are able to meet your household financial needs without using funds designated for the foster children.
You were re-educated about the CANS, per diem rates, and what the per diem is designated for.°

• The appropriateness of discipline techniques used on the foster children.
You were reminded about policies prohibiting the use of corporal punishment and use of physical restraints with foster children. You must use appropriate discipline techniques, especially those that have been recommended by service providers, to address behavioral issues with the foster children.°

• Ongoing disregard for agency and service provider directives, especially those to address behavioral issues with the foster children.
You must consistently cooperate and comply with the agency, DCS, and other service providers.
You must demonstrate consistent and ongoing professional, respectful, and productive communication with the agency, DCS, and other service providers.

Your progress in resolving the licensing concerns will be measured through personal interaction with you, through verbal reports shared by agency staff, as well as information obtained from DCS and other service providers. Once this has occurred, the active placement hold can be lifted.




I will not dignify your contrived concerns or your bogus accusations with serious consideration. We are also sending all of our correspondence to CASA, an ALJ, DCS and the Indiana Attorney General. You foolishly stated that your concern, which was never addressed once during the previous 17 months, was that a red flag was raised regarding my financial ability to care for the children because a brand new FCM, who I had never met before, unsolicitedly stated that food stamps may be available. You still never explained in any logical or meaningful way how that reflects upon my ability to meet my “household financial needs” or how that “raised a red flag with your agency”. Then, because you tried to force us into respite by lying and saying we requested it, when we told you we had no money to waste and had a family activity of bicycle motorcross racing already planned as part of a reward schedule system, for which you lying stated we didn’t follow the care providers’ instructions of implementing. First, we objected to what you were doing and the DCS FCM, who knew the truth, overruled your decision about forcing us into respite. So, we did not violate anything. You lied about us requesting respite and were exposed and overruled by someone who knew all the facts.

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