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Flat Earth Q&A

21 Questions Flat Earth

Who’s to say there is an edge and why assume there is one?
is it because when we are introduced to FE its depicted that way?
in a FE model that mostly all flat earthers believe, Antarctica isnt a
continent, but a 360 degree land mass completely made up of ice
that surrounds our FE, holding our oceans inside it.
There’s no proof that there’s an edge past the ice wall, but its believed by many
that the plane we live on may be really expansive or possibly endless.
It is also assumed that more land is being hidden from the general public.
There’s a map called Gleasons map that was made in 1892 that
states it is scientifically and practically correct as is.
its an azimuthal equidistant projection that can be traced back to the year 1000.
the AE map is also an official map of the USGS (United States Geological Survey)
and also the official logo for the UN (United Nations)
The oldest known globe in the world is from 1492 (The Matin Behaims Globe)
The globe is a rounded version of the flat map and not visa versa.

It neither rises or sets, but rather goes in a clockwise circuit from east to west.
It only appears to rise and set due to perspective. Since the sun isn’t 93 million miles away,
but actually much closer and smaller than told, the sun only illuminates half our plane
at once while the rest is dark (night time)
If you pay close attention when the sun “rises”, you can clearly see the sun appearing as
if its coming at you and getting larger, not ascending upwards at the same size.

Since the edge has not been reached as far as we know, it is assumably unanswerable.
People supposed if its either round or flat, it still MUST be floating in space.
But that idea goes out the window along with the ball earth theory.
Many religious text support an immovable earth that has foundations on which it
its supported by pillars. some believe we are encased in a firmament, with one or
multiple layers. We don’t know, but as far as we can tell, we are obviously fixed in place.
In the Ancient Hebrew conception of the universe, we are surrounded above and below by
waters known as the great deep.
The deepest hole drilled into the earth is about seven and a half miles, and since
that’s as far as they went in since it was drilled, we can only assume that’s how far we
can go down. The core is only but a speculation.

This is also due to perspective. Ships don’t go over the horizon, they go into it.
They move beyond the limit of our vision, and past the vanishing point. They
can easily be brought back into view with a good camera zoom or binoculars or
a telescope. Though they say our vision is “infinite” it really isn’t, though they try to
make you believe so to support their ball earth talk.

Its all cgi. If you do enough research on the “Globe” pictures, you can see some copy paste,
and different versions of the earth. some with small continents, some with bluer water, some
with barely any land, one with large continents, and one that comes afterwards that
looks like the land has shrunk since the last photo. NASA employee Robert Simmons
showed us how they do it when he shared his experience of creating the Blue Marble 2.0 in 2002.
They have it on record when he was interviewed, that he stated

“The last time anyone took a photograph
from above low earth orbit that showed an
entire hemisphere (one side of the globe)
was in 1972 during Apollo 17. NASA’s Earth
Observing Systems (EOS) satellites were designed
to give a check-up of earths health. By 2002, we
finally had enough data to make a snapshot of
the entire Earth, so we did.”

He said his job is primarily taking data and making it making pictures out of it.
He also explains how he makes the globe earth pictures.
He also states “It is photoshopped… but its.. its… has to be.”

If you compare amateur footage done with pro cameras and compare
them to NASA’s official images of the planets and stars, its obvious that NASA’s are also cgi.

They are also a hoax. There has been no news of fallen satellites or broken satellites due to
heating and cooling and space elements. They are closer to earth and should be seen with the naked eye,
passing in front of the moon or sun, hovering earths low orbit at night when
things in “outer space” are supposedly clearer, and even they cant be seen with telescopes
that can supposedly see planets and stars trillions of miles away.
There are thousands of optic cables underneath the seabed that supplies 90% of the earths internet,
phones, etc. and gps works off cellphone towers. Its all called Triangulation.
Sci-Fi author Arthur C. Clarke proposed the idea of geostationary satellites in 1945, in a
magazine called Wireless World, and 20 years later in 1965, they claim to have launched the first
commercial geostationary communication satellite.

Yes and no. They are there, stars and planets and such. we don’t know what they really are, but they are there, and that’s
what we call “space.” Its believed to be a projection.

Very easily. You can travel east & west directions to ultimaly to end up back where you started.
the face of the earth looks similar to that of a clock. In fact clocks was most likely designed
from the true apperance of our world. If you follow a compass east long enough, you will make a
full circuit. Same thing if you travel west long enough. As we already gone over Flat earth maps that
was around before globe were, easily converts to a globe.So everything you believe you doing on a
globe, is actually taking place on a flat earth.

Put a drawing on your ceiling, and have two people stand on opposite sides of it.
one person will see it right side up, while to the person the opposite side of you
will see it upside down. Its the same with the moon, which also suggest its as still as the earth and doesn’t rotate.

Since the sun is closer and smaller than we thought, it makes sense that we have have seasons at all.
On the tropic of cancer in the northern summer months, and then down in the tropic of Capricorn in the
northern winter months. So when the sun is farther away from the north pole (center of the earth) its winter
in the north and summer in the south. If the sun was 93 million miles away and had a radius
of over 400,000 miles, we wouldn’t experience temp fluctuation as we do.

Its a theory, and there’s no proof . Its a scapegoat. Everything works because of density. Density can be
selective wheres gravity cannot.

Definition: an effect whereby a mass moving in a rotating system experiences a force (the Coriolis force)
acting perpendicular to the direction of motion and to the axis of rotation. On the earth, the effect tends
to deflect moving objects to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern and is
important in the formation of cyclonic weather systems.

Things like hurricane’s and water are unpredictable and have been known to spin both
ways in either hemisphere. Also, no flying machine above the earth has to account for it, or any
inanimate object going through air at all.

Imagine fog. Its like that, but different elements instead. Dust, rain, sleet, snow, mist, haze, etc.
all in your way. If the our plane was completely clear of all that, then you’d be able to see these things
from where you are on earth. Also keep human perspective and eyesight in mind. You can also check
the visibility in your area on your weather app.

Yes and no. its is recorded in some religious books (Bible, Book of Enoch) that the earth is a still plane, but for
people who arent religious, its pure facts and common sense.

No. Its a Containment Unit, used to keep people away from the truth. They make it appear
crazy and make you steer in another direction. Don’t trust FES (FLAT EARTH SOCIETY).

No. most of them have been indoctrinated like the rest of us. They do their job with “the earth
is a ball” in mind, and make ways for it to work and it makes sense to them. Computers do most of the work for
Pilots. Even NASA and Gov members (unless they are high ranking) don’t know they are part of the lie.

The Jesuits and the Vatican have been intimately involved in all things space, including owning
the earliest telescopes and to this day the largest owners of observatories and telescopes
in the world.

There’s plenty of reasons, even name your own, including other continents above our ice barrier,
other species, more material and etc.

we’ve been lied to on a massive scale. you should feel very upset if you found this out.

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